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Brunch Cocktails: 8 Guilt-Free Recipes

Aplós, September 8th, 2023

The sun peeks gently over the horizon, casting a warm golden hue over the world. A new day stretches out, brimming with untouched potential. The allure of slow mornings envelopes us as we awaken to the gentle hum of life, the promise of shared moments drawing us closer to our loved ones.

This is brunch, that wondrous interlude between the hurried morning coffee and the humdrum of the afternoon. It's an invitation to sit down, share stories, and relish the tranquility that a leisurely meal offers.

But what truly makes brunch a magical event is not just the sumptuous fare on the plate but the drink held delicately in one’s hand. So, how do we breathe life into our brunch drinks, capturing the essence of the moment and ensuring clarity and vitality to embrace the unfolding day?

Journey with us through guilt-free recipes that infuse your mornings with both exquisite flavor and profound wellness.

What Are the Benefits of Starting Your Day Alcohol-Free?

The morning, with its delicate whispers and soft light, deserves to be greeted with clarity. Traditionally, many have reached out for that brunch cocktail, hoping to find solace in its depths. Indeed, prosecco-laden mimosas, sparkling wine sangria, peach bellinis, champagne cocktails, tequila sunrise, espresso martinis, and other classic cocktails have long been brunch-time companions, offering a bubbly, fruity allure.

Yet, as tempting as these beverages might feel in the moment, they often usher in uninvited repercussions that can throw one off-kilter for the rest of the weekend. Indeed, alcohol often brings along unwanted guests: dehydration that parches the skin and saps energy, cloudiness that blurs the vibrant colors of the morning, and tiredness that dampens the spirit.

But, there is an alternative that brims with wellness benefits, like an ethereal garden glistening in the soft morning sun. This is the realm of functional spirits — a beautiful fusion of nature’s bounty and modern sensibilities.

These alcohol-free drinks imbue your morning gathering with all of the sophistication and depth of traditional brunch cocktails but leave behind the heaviness of alcohol. Instead, these functional cocktails elevate the senses, weaving the magic of shared moments without any alcohol-seeped regret.

What Are the Benefits of Using Functional Spirits in Your Brunch Cocktails?

The essence of a perfect morning is evoked not just by the serenity of the sunrise or the communal joy of loved ones gathering but also by the subtle ingredients that nurture our body and soul. At brunch, where stories meander and shared laughter echoes, your drink ought to harmonize with the sacredness of such moments, uplifting the spirit with nature's botanical bounty.

Aplós Calme is a tapestry of natural wonder. Broad-spectrum hemp envelops the soul in a calming, uplifting embrace, while sun-kissed bright citrus extracts of yuzu and calamansi awaken the senses like the first light of dawn. Herbaceous added layers of complexity come together to create a tranquil spirit ideal for relaxing Sunday afternoons or the slow, intimate mornings that follow long nights of deep conversations.

Aplós Arise, meanwhile, beckons with the promise of the day's vibrancy. Infused with a proprietary blend of adaptogens designed to elevate mood and support energy, Arise becomes the echo of sunlit optimism. Each sip reveals a bold, earthy blend of citrus and herbal botanicals with the richness of agave and the zest of lemon verbena, making it the perfect addition to lively gatherings and celebrations.

Crafted with all-natural, vegan ingredients and without sugar, Aplós spirits transform your morning cocktails into divine elixirs — offering sustained elevation of presence without the crash or hangover.

8 Guilt-Free Brunch Recipes

Our curated selection of brunch cocktail recipes seeks to celebrate these treasured moments of calm, introspection, and togetherness. Here are some exceptional recipes to transform your brunch into an ethereal experience steeped in botanical wellness.

1. The Day After

A morning bereft of the weight of regret is one of life's simplest yet profound joys. This drink stands as a testament to such moments, when the world is seen through lenses of clarity rather than the blurriness of a hangover.

Revel in the bliss of a morning unburdened by the mistakes of yesterday. Our take on a non-alcoholic and tomato juice-free bloody Mary recipe, "The Day After," is a savory delight that washes away past missteps, creating a serene pathway for the new day.


  • Aplós Arise: 2 oz.
  • Worcestershire sauce: 2 oz.
  • Horseradish: 2 dashes
  • Celery seed: Pinch
  • Cayenne: Pinch
  • Pitted black olives and pickled onion: For garnish

Effortlessly combine the ingredients and add a fennel garnish, lending a fresh and savory touch to this delightful concoction. Add a dash of hot sauce for an extra kick if desired.

2. The Green Mary

This drink sings the praises of nature, invigorating the senses and the spirit alike. Embrace the verdant heart of nature with "The Green Mary." Its lush hues hint at a garden in full bloom, with the coolness of cucumber and the vitality of kale. With Aplós Calme as its backbone, it’s a symphony of botanical goodness, the very essence of nature captured in a glass.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz
  • Cucumber juice: 2 oz
  • Pressed kale or other greens: 2 oz
  • Pressed apple juice: 1 oz
  • Celery juice: 1 oz
  • Lemon juice: 1/2 tsp
  • Kosher salt: 1/2 tsp

Combine the green mix, lemon juice, and Aplós in a highball glass with ice cubes. Stir gently, and as a finishing touch, garnish with exotic mushrooms if desired.

3. Thawing Out

Like the first sigh of relief after a long winter, this drink captures the soul's yearning for the tender embrace of spring. "Thawing Out" is a narrative of transition, capturing that fleeting moment when winter's chill gives way to the gentle warmth of spring. It's the very sensation of witnessing the first bloom after a snow-laden winter — nature's soft whisper that change is afoot.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz.
  • Fresh lemon juice: 1/2 oz.
  • Honey syrup: 1/2 oz.
  • Sakura cherry blossom tea, steeped: 2 oz.

Blend honey, Aplós, lemon, and tea in a shaker with ice. Pour into a glass and accentuate with cherry blossoms and lemon twists for a refreshing sip.

4. A Fizzy Affair

A toast to the sublime moments that elevate the everyday, this drink is effervescence captured in a glass.

An ode to life's sparkling moments, "A Fizzy Affair" is a celebration in a glass. Similar to a cranberry spritzer with the zesty charm of cranberry cordial mingling with the invigorating fizz of sparkling water, it's an effervescent delight. A sip feels like a gentle cascade of bubbles rising in a glass, reminiscent of soft laughter and toasts shared amongst friends on a sunlit patio.


  • Aplós Arise: 2 oz.
  • Cranberry cordial: 1 oz.
  • Lemon juice: 1/2 oz.
  • Sparkling water: 2 oz.

In a shaker, combine Aplós, lemon, and cordial. Pour into a glass and enhance with a splash of sparkling water. A twist of orange adds the final touch.

5. An Unhurried Afternoon

The beauty of life lies in the pauses as much as in the hustle. This drink is an homage to the unhurried afternoons, the lapses of time we give ourselves, awash in contemplation and peace.

In a world that often rushes by, "An Unhurried Afternoon" is an invitation to stillness. It whispers tales of sun-dappled afternoons, where time seems to pause, and the world fades to a gentle blur. A sip feels like a cherished memory, a moment of solace where one is at peace with oneself and the world.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz.
  • Soda water: 3 oz.
  • Honey: 1 tsp.
  • Lemon wedges, quartered: 3

Start by muddling the lemons with herbs and honey. Blend in Aplós and ice, shake, and strain. Top with soda water, garnishing with herbs to serve a sip of serenity.

6. Aplós Mojito

Elevate the classic mojito into an elixir of weekend longevity. This Aplós rendition captures the essence of summer cocktails without weighing down your day. As citrusy lime juice dances with fresh mint, the concoction beckons like a refreshing summer breeze.


  • Aplós Arise: 2 oz
  • Sugar: 1 tbsp
  • Fresh mint: A generous bunch
  • Lime juice: 2 oz
  • Club soda: 2 oz


Combine Aplós Arise, sugar, and lime juice in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass over ice. Add soda water and garnish with fresh mint. A flower sprig or the addition of summer fruits like watermelon, fresh peaches, or grapefruit juice can add the final touch.

7. Sweet JuJu Julius

Echoes of summer reverberate in this drink. The “Sweet JuJu Julius,” infused with frozen orange juice, its citrusy profile is a gentle nod to brunch drink traditions such as the classic mimosa while also providing a unique and delectable twist, making it one of the best brunch cocktails for those sunny mornings.


  • Aplós Arise: 2 oz
  • Frozen orange juice concentrate: 4 oz (half a can)
  • Milk or coconut milk: 1 ½ cups
  • Jujube syrup or paste: 2 tsp.

Blend all ingredients with ice until frothy. Serve in a tall glass and garnish with a cherry on top, like a dollop of morning joy.

8. A Faux Colada

Frozen drinks, particularly with pineapple juice, have long been symbols of summer's leisure. But unlike its sugary cousins, this concoction presents a summer treat that complements rather than overshadows your brunch fare. It's not just a drink — it's an ode to summer's languid days, making it one of the more sought-after summer cocktails.


  • Aplós Arise: 2 oz
  • Fresh or frozen pineapple: 2 cups
  • Coconut milk: 1/2 cup

Blend the ingredients in a high-power blender until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds, offering a new twist on the brunch drink, and freeze overnight. Enjoy these as you would the morning sun, gently and with appreciation.

With every sip of these rejuvenated classics, you're not just enjoying a drink, but a shared tradition reimagined.

Embrace the Day With Aplós

Morning rays playfully dance upon dew-kissed leaves while Aplós spirits beckon. While typical brunch cocktails may rely on a heavy pour of tequila or Campari, a dash of Irish whiskey or orange liqueur, or sugary white wines and simple syrups to add complexion, our guilt-free cocktail recipes capture the essence of nature's bounty and modern sensibilities.

These elixirs are an invitation, a call to embrace mornings with clarity and shared laughter, to taste the magic in every moment. As the day unfolds its narrative, let Aplós be the golden thread weaving your memories, and savor the clarity in every sip.


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