The day after
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The Day After

Isn’t it nice to wake up without a hangover? Pity the poor baggy-eyed fools who sip on their alcoholic Bloody Marys at brunch, doused in dread and regret. Obviously, ‘hair of the dog’ has only ever been wishful thinking. For you, this afternoon will not be strong-armed by a down-in-the-dumps alcohol come down. Are you smug? Perhaps. For all the eye-rolls you suffered last night for ‘not drinking,’ payback is always served the next day, in double.



  • Arise

2 oz.

Worcestershire sauce

2 oz.


2 dashes

Celery seed




Pitted black olives

Pickled onion


Simply combine ingredients, and add garnish. We recommend fennel for something fresh and savory.

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