Celebrating Natural Magic

Our lives are so very fast. With little time for reflection, we can be forgiven for confusing the art of living ambitiously with the art of living well. Aplós was conceived with the philosophy that there is pleasure and profoundness to be drawn from the simple things that surround us.

Aplós offers an escape of the senses designed to ward off tension and ignite connection: to estranged parts of yourself, to a distant lover or friend.

Aplós is a toast to everyday life, and the everyday magic that fills it.

Ingredients & Sourcing

Crafted by award-winning mixologists using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

  • Functional Ingredients

    Infused with active botanicals to help you unwind, energize, connect and calm.

  • Expertly Sourced

    We use exceptional ingredients formulated to enhance the immediate pleasure of taste, and the slow pleasures of the mind that follow.

  • Better For You

    Designed as a healthier alternative to a traditional spirit, our spirits are 0% ABV, no sugar, low calorie, non-GMO.

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Functional, non-alcoholic spirits designed with the belief that life should be sipped slowly.