A Healthier Way to Unwind

A craft non-alcoholic spirit infused with hemp to calm and relax

Cut back on alcohol, not relaxation

Cutting back on alcohol can be tough. We created Calme as a healthy alternative that you can seamlessly incorporate into your wind down routine.

Orange Peel

Our Award-Winning Spirit

“Aplós Calme serves up a sleek bubbly, citrus-led liquor alternative enhanced with sustainable, organically grown broad-spectrum hemp.”

Aplós Calme

Infused with Hemp

A complex blend of citrus and herbal botanicals infused with broad-spectrum hemp (no THC) to help calm and relax, without the negative impacts of alcohol on your health.

Aplós Calme


Functional Ingredients

Infused with broad-spectrum hemp to help you relax and unwind without the hangover.

No Empty Calories

With zero sugar and only 10 calories per serving, swapping Calme for a glass of wine is a healthy ritual you can maintain.

Mixologist Crafted

Crafted by award-winning mixologists using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

Better Sleep

Unlike alcohol that disrupts your sleep, studies show that broad-spectrum hemp promotes more restful sleep.

Functional Ingredients

A blend of active botanicals designed to give you the feeling of drinking alcohol without the hangover.

  • The active compounds (called cannabinoids) in hemp help to regulate mood, appetite, and sleep, without THC.

  • We use a nano-emulsification technology resulting in a rapid onset calming effect within 15-30 minutes.

  • Our hemp is organically grown and sourced from select farms in North Carolina’s piedmont region. Each batch is third-party tested to ensure potency and purity.

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Our Commitment Ticker

Sugar Free

Low Calorie

0% ABV

No Artificial Flavors

Gluten Free

Why Calme?

Our innovative spirit has proven results—80% of surveyed Aplós customers reported drinking less after integrating Calme into their routine. Experience the benefits of functional relaxation while effortlessly reducing alcohol consumption for a healthier, more balanced life.

Testimonials from our Community


  • Donna W.

    “Going sober has been so easy with Aplós! It’s exactly what I need at 6:00 pm. No crazy calories, good sleep, no hangovers or that anxiety from alcohol!”

  • Chris C.

    “This is a fantastic alternative to drinking alcohol. I’m able to relax, I sleep better, and I feel better the next day.”

  • LaDonna D.

    “The taste is superior to alcohol. I wake up feeling refreshed the next day.”

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How to Enjoy

Just as with any traditional spirit, Aplós Calme can be enjoyed neat, on-the-rocks, or mixed in an infinite number of cocktails. Though we encourage you to experiment, we’ve crafted a few recipes to get you started, and will be adding more over time.

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