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5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Make for Thanksgiving

Aplós, September 1st, 2023

As the glow of autumn wraps the world in a cozy embrace, we open our hearts to gratitude and embrace the delight of togetherness. Thanksgiving, after all, is a time to gather, share, and feel the warmth of family and friends around a table filled with tradition and taste.

In the midst of laughter and love, the clinks of glasses and the pouring of spirits play a familiar tune. And yet, there lies a more balanced way to embrace the moment with loved ones — free of the weight of the morning after.

Let's embark on a journey filled with festive recipes, embodying coziness, warmth, and the magic of shared moments.

Why Serve Functional Spirits at Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving, a tapestry of flavors and memories woven together, resonates with a spirit of gratitude and warmth. The clinking of glasses has long been synonymous with celebration, yet the shift towards non-alcoholic options is more than a fleeting trend. It's a conscious choice reflecting an understanding of communal gatherings and intimacy.

While the allure of alcohol at social events is familiar, there are compelling reasons to embrace non-alcoholic options. Beyond the cultural acceptance lies the shadows of alcohol's potential harm.

The warmth of a wine glass may hide the risk of addiction, long-term effects, or the subtle disruption of sleep patterns. Even moderate consumption can hinder the body's ability to heal and renew.

These choices provide a space for non-drinkers to feel at ease and limit risks for those driving after the festivities. They eliminate post-holiday hangovers, keeping everyone clear-headed, fully present, and immersed in the joy of reunions and cherished time with loved ones. In a world filled with noise, non-alcoholic options offer a serenade of serenity, a return to the essence of connection without distraction.

As leaves fall and the air grows crisp, non-alcoholic beverages can embrace the essence of the holiday, offering an inclusive, mindful, and genuine connection. From sparkling waters kissed by autumn fruits to herbal teas that hum the song of the season, these beverages invite everyone to the table.

And still, beyond mere alternatives, an even more thoughtful path unfurls in functional spirits.

What Are Functional Spirits?

Functional spirits transcend mere alcohol-free alternatives. They are a sophisticated infusion of botanical-based wellness that elevates the senses without the burdens of alcohol. Imagine a Thanksgiving evening where tranquility reigns and laughter resonates, all without a hint of regret the next day.

These botanical-based spirits embody the sensory experience with a wellness approach, intertwining the richness of taste with a reverence for the body's harmony. It's not merely an absence of alcohol but a presence of purpose, a mindful connection to the shared meal and the moments woven around it.

At Aplós, our commitment to crafting functional spirits is rooted in a profound respect for nature's wisdom and the human connection. Through a meticulous fusion of organic ingredients, modern science, and age-old traditions, we create beverages that offer both enjoyment and holistic nourishment.

Our hemp-infused Calme promotes a gentle sense of peace, setting the scene for intimate conversations. And Aplós Arise, with its blend of adaptogens, can help the body adapt to stress, energizing and invigorating, perfect for lively gatherings and late-night laughter.

Our offerings invite you to discover a new layer of culinary artistry, embracing flavors that resonate with the season's soul and bring a renewed sense of wellness with every sip.

5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Make for Thanksgiving

As the cool, crisp air of autumn fills the evening, and the aroma of roasting turkey mingles with the hominess of fresh-baked pies, elevate your experience with beverages as meaningful as they are delightful, enriching not just your palate but your very way of celebrating life.

1. The Slow Glow

This beverage encapsulates the essence of fall, with the touch of apple and the tint of pomegranate merging with the serenity of Aplós Calme.

The sparkling notes mirror the twinkling eyes of family and friends gathered together, while the gentle warmth of cinnamon invites a sense of nostalgia and connection. This drink is not just for the body but for the soul, offering a soothing pause in a day of abundance and gratitude.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz
  • Sparkling apple cider: 1/2 cup
  • Pomegranate juice: 1/2 cup
  • Blood orange or orange juice: 1/4 cup
  • Sparkling water: 1/4 cup
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Apple slices

Simply combine ingredients in a pitcher or punch bowl and stir to mix. Add a cinnamon stick, apple slices, or optional herbs to the punch. Serve in a punch cup or wine glass, and garnish as desired. Let all distractions fade away, and let the warmth envelop your heart.

2. Aplós & Apple Kombucha

A sensory delight to awaken the soul, this cocktail blends the invigorating power of Aplós Arise with the crisp essence of apple, accented by the tart allure of pomegranate. Each sip is a reminder of autumn's transformative beauty as green leaves give way to brilliant hues.

The refreshing burst of kombucha enlivens the senses, adding a spark to the festivities, while the underlying richness complements the deep bonds that Thanksgiving celebrates.


Aplós Arise: 2 oz

Apple kombucha: 1 oz

Fresh pomegranate juice: Splash

Fresh lime juice: Splash

Combine ingredients, and as you stir, feel the blend of flavors swirling, enhancing the senses and the core of togetherness.

3. Aplós & Sweet Potato

This cocktail embodies the richness of family connections, mingling Aplós Arise with the sweetness of sweet potato, tangy cranberries, and refreshing apple juice. Its earthy tones speak to the grounding nature of shared meals, the comfort of familiar voices, and the gentle laughter that weaves through generations.

Here, the harvest's bounty marries the warmth of human connection, offering a drink that whispers warmth and love.


  • Aplós Arise: 2 oz
  • Sweet potato: 1 pound
  • Cranberries: 2 cups
  • Apples, juiced: 8 oz
  • Ginger: 1 piece

Cut sweet potato and apple into quarters and extract the juice with care. Blend with Aplós Arise and shake well, serving a drink that whispers warmth and love.

4. Aplós & Maple Syrup

A blend of simplicity and elegance, this drink marries the effervescence of Aplós Arise with the timeless charm of maple syrup, the zest of lemon, and the spice of ginger.

As leaves rustle and fires crackle, this drink brings forth a taste of timeless elegance, perfectly balanced to grace the Thanksgiving table. It's a delightful balance flavor that pays homage to the gentle hum of contentment, the smiles that span miles, and the embrace of family, both near and far.


  • Aplós Arise: 2 oz
  • Lemon juice: 1 oz
  • Ginger juice: 1 oz
  • Maple or simple syrup: ½ oz

Shake ingredients with ice in a shaker. Strain into a coupe glass and top with soda water. Garnish with a mint leaf. Sip and savor the tranquility, the smiles, the gentle hum of contentment.

5. The Lovely Loneliness of Washing Dishes

This is a drink that sings a quiet song of solitude, a toast to the unnoticed tasks, and a tribute to the joy of simply being. It is a celebration of the small, the mundane, the beautifully ordinary.

As families share stories around the table or come together in the lull following the meal to help clear the plates, this unique concoction invites reflection and mindfulness. With each sip, the gentle tartness of grapefruit and the unique melody of celery syrup embrace the satisfaction of cleaning, restoring, and renewing.

It's a drink for those treasured moments of solitude amid the loving chaos, a gentle reminder that every role, no matter how hidden, holds its magic on this special day.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz.
  • Ginger juice: 2 oz.
  • Grapefruit juice: ¾ oz
  • Celery syrup: ½ oz.
  • Garnish with celery leaves

Add equal parts celery juice to ½ tsp of superfine organic sugar for the celery syrup. Combine all ingredients, pour, and as you sip, let the distant conversation wash over you, embracing the satisfaction of cleaning, restoring, and renewing.

Each of these drinks brings forth the season's flavors, the textures of emotion, and the melodies of shared history. In these glasses, you find not just the taste of Thanksgiving but its very essence, the love, the warmth, the cozy autumn scents, and the gratefulness that binds us all.

Bottom Line

A celebration of warmth, gratitude, and the beauty of shared moments, Thanksgiving is a time to slow down and recalibrate, cherishing the magic in each moment. At Aplós, we align with this philosophy, inviting a mindful connection that transcends the ordinary, beckoning you to pause, recalibrate, and revel in the now.

Our thoughtfully crafted non-alcoholic cocktails ensure inclusivity while elevating the occasion. Infused with the gentle wisdom of remaining present, they bring a touch of luxury that encourages gratitude in its purest form and delights the senses in every way.

Embrace the gentle glow of togetherness as you explore these recipes and craft your own functional cocktails. Whether it's the lively laughter around the fireplace or the quiet satisfaction of reflection, there is an Aplós functional drink to fit the mood, weave magic into the fabric of your celebration, and create memories that linger long after the leaves have fallen.


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