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I Stopped Drinking this Summer

Aplós, September 12th, 2022

There was a point in early July when I realized I had been drinking nearly everyday. Which makes sense. Summer is a time when opportunities for social drinking are seemingly everywhere. From beach trips to backyard barbecues, the opportunity to drink with friends and family feels endless. But while spending time with loved ones is always valuable, the addition of spirits can have distinctly detrimental effects on the way we feel in the moment, as well as overall health. The body’s reaction to alcohol is well documented: lower quality of sleep, general inflammation, and an acute hangover are just a few of the short-term consequences of over-consuming alcohol.

In mid-July, I found another option. Instead of tolerating the downsides of drinking alcohol, I decided to make space for myself to take a step away from spirits. I started exploring how I could cultivate joy by feeling better without alcohol.

Soon, I discovered alternative spirits which didn’t include alcohol, but were a welcome addition to my suddenly cocktail-less routine.

Hemp-infused spirits quickly became a favorite, as they seamlessly replaced the liquor element in many cocktails and even provided a slight buzz. I also found that these hemp-infused alternative spirits made me feel better — avoiding hangovers in the morning was a major bonus.

Ultimately, I found that I didn’t miss alcohol. I had more energy, felt less sluggish, and appreciated that I was making choices that would make me feel better in the long term. As I took a moment to reflect at the end of the summer, I realized there’s no reason that alcohol should replace the role hemp-infused spirits have adopted in my cocktail routine.

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