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June 8th, 2023

Entertaining Without Just Alcohol

Entertaining guests at home can often feel inextricably linked to consuming alcohol. From a daytime summer party to an intimate dinner with close friends and family, wine and spirits tend to play a central role in entertaining guests. Even though alcohol tends to be the default, its negative side effects can be potent: consuming alcohol can have ramifications for our health, mood, and energy levels — not to mention the possibility of a pounding hangover the next day.

Including a functional alcohol alternative, such as a hemp-infused spirit, is an important way to remain inclusive to those who may choose to not drink alcohol or who want a second option. Offering a hemp-based alternative spirit to guests allows for a fun relaxing feeling akin to alcohol. They can enjoy a traditional cocktail, moderate their alcohol consumption by including hemp-based spirits, or avoid alcohol entirely.

Non-alcoholic hemp-based spirits offer a light buzz and a way to unwind, but don’t have the negative effects of alcohol. This means that even guests who don’t drink alcohol can indulge in the ritual of crafting and sipping a delicious cocktail with friends and loved ones. Creating an alternative spirit-based cocktail allows guests who don’t drink to fully participate, and allows other guests the opportunity to discover something besides alcohol that could revolutionize their cocktail routine.

To celebrate summer in 2023, instead of centering an event with friends and loved ones around alcohol which can cloud our senses and remove us from the present moment, consider an alternative spirit offering the next time you entertain guests. These liquors, which do not contain alcohol, help to ground us in the moment and allow us to stay fully present as we celebrate with those we hold closest.