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The Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits To Use in Cocktails

Aplós, August 17th, 2023

Crafting a perfect cocktail in the soft glow of an intimate evening or the leisurely warmth of a brunch-filled morning elevates the mood and adds a touch of magic to shared moments.

These gatherings no longer require the intoxication of alcohol to spark joy or deepen connections. Instead, we are witnessing a beautiful shift toward non-alcoholic spirits, allowing us to remain fully present, savoring every sensory detail, laughter-filled conversation, and clink of glass in a toast to new chapters.

This new wave of non-alcoholic drinks assures that the allure of a perfectly crafted cocktail isn't lost but reimagined in a way that cherishes wellness, authenticity, and the wonder of life's simple pleasures.

Can you elevate your senses without dimming the light of presence? Let us guide the way.

What Are Non-Alcoholic Spirits?

In traditional alcoholic spirits, fermentation and distillation capture the essence of various ingredients, turning them into a potent, ethanol-containing liquid that can elevate and hinder. The allure often lies in the complexity of flavors, the warmth of the experience, and the rituals surrounding the drink.

Non-alcoholic spirits, though, embark on a different journey. By meticulously crafting zero-proof or alcohol-free beverages, the integrity of flavor and experience is retained, but without the physical toll of alcohol.

They allow us to indulge in the elegance of a late-night gathering or the warmth of slow mornings while remaining fully present and in the moment.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Spirits?

The allure of non-alcoholic spirits is not merely found in their complex flavor profile or their ethereal connection to nature's bounty; it's also deeply rooted in the health benefits they bring. In the embrace of alcohol-free living, we find solace from potential harms that traditional spirits may impose.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Avoiding alcohol can encourage restorative slumber. Alcohol can disrupt the delicate phases of sleep, hindering the body's natural healing and rejuvenation process. Without this interference, the gentle embrace of mornings arrives with clarity and peace, unclouded by the restless echoes of the night.

Reprieve From Hangovers

Alcohol strains the body, leading to dehydration that can impact the kidneys and releasing toxins that often manifest as headaches, nausea, and fatigue — the dreaded hangover.

Non-alcoholic spirits offer the luxury of savoring a sophisticated drink without this taxing aftermath, allowing for brighter and more productive days ahead.

Mindful Presence

The very essence of alcohol can cloud judgment and distance us from the present moment as it impacts neurons and brain function.

Non-alcoholic spirits, particularly those enriched with functional botanicals, draw us into the here and now. They beckon a mindful awareness, deepening our connection to the world around us and intensifying the beauty of shared moments.

Health Impacts

Traditional alcohol affects the liver, heart, and even the brain over time, leading to potential long-term health issues. New research suggests that even casual drinking can negatively affect the body.

Non-alcoholic spirits, in turn, offer a way to savor the luxurious experience of a cocktail without such concerns. Exploring alcohol-free spirits, after all, is not simply about abstaining from alcohol; it's about embracing a lifestyle that nurtures the body.

What Are the Different Types of Non-Alcoholic Spirits?

In the embrace of nature and the yearning for wellness, we find many non-alcoholic spirits, each with a unique essence, inviting us to savor life's magic without reserve.

Let us break down the landscape together.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Also known as alcohol-free or zero-proof spirits, these options offer complex flavor profiles with zero alcohol content (0% abv). Non-alcoholic spirits are typically crafted without alcohol or had the alcohol removed through distillation and are designed for those who seek the taste but not the effects of traditional spirits.

Functional Spirits

Functional spirits, like Aplós Calme and Arise, redefine the experience of sipping a sophisticated drink. These beverages are infused with wellness benefits from the natural compounds of botanicals and crafted for moments of tranquility or revelry.

These wellness-supporting spirits can imbue the moment with a subtle elevation of senses and mood in a way that is reminiscent of drinking alcohol but without the health impacts, the disruption of cognitive function, or the hangover that often accompanies alcoholic beverages.

From zero-proof and low-ABV selections to botanical-based functional spirits, this is a realm where wellness, taste, and a philosophical connection to the moment align to offer a meaningful way to enjoy life's simple pleasures. Here, the allure of social gatherings and shared moments is preserved, and the art of cocktail-making finds its renaissance in the heart of mindful living.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits To Add to Your Bar Cart

As we step beyond these horizons, we realize that non-alcoholic beverages are a celebration of existence, an echo of nature's whispered promises, and a beckoning to a life more enriched and mindful.

Let’s explore a few types of alcohol-free spirits that can become staples in your bar cart.

Non-Alcoholic Gin

A symphony of botanicals without alcohol, non-alcoholic gin offers the crisp notes of juniper, cardamom, and bitter orange. Ideal for gin-alternative cocktails, this spirit adds sophistication to a gimlet or a negroni. Bask in the complexity and the freedom of savoring without surrendering to alcohol.

Alcohol-Free Rum

With the rich aromas of tropical paradise, alcohol-free rum captures the essence of the Caribbean without the bite of booze. Serve it as a base for a fruity punch or a sophisticated mix with ginger beer. It's a tropical retreat, a moment stolen from time itself.

Non-Alcoholic Aperitif

The bittersweet melody of a non-alcoholic aperitif brings the allure of the Mediterranean into your glass. Perfect for a spritz or an Aperol-inspired delight, this spirit sings a song of sunsets and breezy coastal evenings. It’s the embrace of the distant shores within your reach.

Zero-Proof Vodka

Embrace the purity and precision of zero-proof vodka. Its clean, crisp essence provides a versatile base for a plethora of mixed drinks. Whether in a classic vodka soda or a delicate elixir, this non-alcoholic option preserves the tradition of vodka-based cocktails with a conscious twist.

Alcohol-Free Tequila

A dance with agave leads you to the tequila alternative. Experience the depth of Mexican culture without the intoxication. Craft a margarita or explore new terrains with this spiritless delight, capturing the very soul of festive celebration.

Booze-Free Campari

A Mediterranean dream in liquid form, booze-free Campari offers the bittersweet romance of a sunset without alcohol's shadow. Known for its deep red color and bitter flavor, this non-alcoholic aperitif is crafted from a blend of herbs and fruit. Perfect for crafting a spritz that sings of sea and citrus, it invites a celebration without consequence.

Non-Alcoholic Vermouth

A symphony of botanical richness, non-alcoholic vermouth echoes the complex aromas of its traditional aperitivo counterpart. Whether sweet or dry, this fortified wine alternative subtly speaks to the palate, inviting a poetic connection to the moment.

Ideal for cocktails like martinis and negronis, alcohol-free vermouth bridges the past and present of cocktail culture.

Aplós Calme

Aplós Calme is crafted with a bright blend of immune-supporting citrus, herbal botanicals, and broad-spectrum hemp extract, bringing a gentle calm to the senses. It's a plant-based spirit that soothes and uplifts without the negative effects of alcohol.

Serve alongside contemplative moments of introspection or delightful conversation. From a tranquil tonic to a warming after-work affair, Calme takes the art of mixology to new, holistic heights.

Aplós Arise

A bold and innovative journey into the realm of wellness, Aplós Arise is a beacon of celebration.

Infused with a bold blend of adaptogens, it's a plant-based spirit that invigorates the senses for a renewed sense of vitality, creativity, and connection — without the constraints of alcohol.

Craft cocktails that sing with lively flavors, from an earthy kombucha to a botanical-based mojito, and take part in the revelry that comes without discomfort or regret.

How Can You Make Cocktails With Alcohol-Free Spirits?

The intimate alchemy of crafting cocktails transcends mere ingredients; it's a journey into taste, mood, and shared moments. With alcohol-free spirits like Aplós Calme or Aplós Arise, you navigate the contours of your soul, depending on whether you wish to embrace tranquility or revel in jubilation.

Favorite classics find new resonance when you swap out traditional liquor for these non-alcoholic options. Let the botanical magic of Calme usher you into gentle evenings, or allow the earthy tones of Arise to awaken the thrill of celebration.

The bright flavor profiles of these functional spirits fit seamlessly into most drinks, bringing the luxury of choice without compromise. Experimentation blooms with alcohol-free ingredients, such as tonic water, mixers, fruit juices, ginger beer, non-alcoholic wine, or rosé.

Craft a refreshing and balanced Arise cocktail with grapefruit juice that dances with freshness or a vibrant punch that combines orange peel, apple, and cinnamon to fill the air with warmth and serenity.

Whether to stimulate the senses or wind down, the allure of these crafted beverages is a universe unto itself, waiting to be explored.

Savoring Sensory Elevation Without Alcohol

With Aplós functional spirits, the landscape of taste expands into uncharted territories. These non-alcoholic spirits offer a journey into the soul of wellness, where you don't have to compromise on flavor, taste, or the magical connection of drinking. Only this way, you leave behind the shadows of negative effects and hangovers, stepping into the clear, vibrant resonance of the present.

The botanical complexity of these spirits whispers a philosophy of life — a recalibration, a profound connection to the sensory art of living. It’s a world where every sip is a luxurious moment, every flavor a reflection of our inner yearnings.

Aplós invites you into this enlightened realm. Whether you're crafting a non-alcoholic cocktail for a solitary reflection or a lively celebration, the beauty of non-alcoholic options like Calme and Arise lies in their adaptability and ability to blend into the moods and moments of your life.

With non-alcoholic spirits, a cocktail is not simply a drink for a fleeting moment in time — it's an affirmation of life, a toast to the unexplored depths of sensory pleasure, and an invitation to a way of being where taste and wellness meld to elevate each cherished moment.


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