Night Garden Cocktail
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Night Garden

The night sky draws your gaze north. Plants grow fastest at night as they, too, stretch their necks in search of light. The horizon is blacked out and the world shifts to a vertical composition. There’s an earthy fragrance. It’s still. Or is it? Crickets. Beetles on the night shift. A slightly spooky haunt. The grass under your feet becomes inky and unfamiliar. Is the foliage denser? Is the air heavier? It seems that sometimes the absence of light is just what our senses need to gain consciousness again.


Aplós Calme

  • Calme

1.5 oz

Lemon Juice

3/4 oz

Chamomile Honey Syrup

1/2 oz


In an ice-filled shaker, add ingredients and shake. Strain into a champagne coupe glass. Garnish with fresh chamomile.

*To make chamomile syrup, dissolve ½ cup of honey with ½ cup of hot water stir gently to mix. Add fresh chamomile or 2 chamomile tea bags. Leave to infuse for a few hours or overnight.