Learn / Why Weekday Sober is the New Dry January

May 12th, 2022

Why Weekday Sober is the New Dry January

A relaxing cocktail at the end of the work day is a great way to unwind, but those drinks add up to significant alcohol intake — that can mean empty calories, poor sleep, and anxiety. It can be daunting, but minimizing the role that spirits play into your after-work plans is an easy way to improve your head space.

Fortunately, alternative spirits offer another option for imbibing that allow us to continue indulging in our favorite cocktail rituals without the negative after effects. Hemp-based spirits offer a light buzz and can help you feel relaxed without clouding your mind — without the negative effects associated with traditional spirits. Changing our habits isn’t always easy, but it can be intensely rewarding. When it comes to alcohol, making small changes can lead to huge results.

Cutting back on our alcohol consumption presents the opportunity to be intentional in the way we drink. It’s easy to mindlessly sip a few cocktails without paying attention to how much alcohol we’re introducing into our bodies, but as we commit to curbing our intake of spirits intentionally, finding new ways to imbibe is key.

On your next weeknight out, create space for a moment in which you care for your future self — waking up without the hangover will be worth it.