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8 Things To Do Instead of Drinking Alcohol

Aplós, September 1st, 2023

In moments of pause or when encouragement whispers, it's easy to reach for a familiar glass. The glimmer of liquid temptation promises a fleeting escape, a connection with something more profound.

Yet, a glint of wisdom beckons us to consider that there are deeper, more nourishing ways to experience each moment. In the world of haste and excess, a gentle voice calls us back to the essence of life. The present moment holds a magic that often escapes us in the pursuit of pleasure and escapism.

A paradigm shift is awakening, moving toward more conscious living, genuine connection, and rediscovering simple joys that don't demand a price the next morning. It's about cherishing life's pleasures without the entanglements of traditional alcoholic beverages.

How Does Alcohol Impact the Body?

The allure of alcohol often begins with the promise of connection, a spark of pleasure, or the sensation of letting go. The clink of glasses at a celebration, shared laughter over a fine wine, and liberation in a dance form the tapestry of why people might choose to drink. These feelings aren't illusions; they arise from a complex mix of neurochemical reactions.

After being absorbed into the body, alcohol can indeed stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain, a chemical messenger synonymous with pleasure and reward.

But as the sun sets and dawn breaks, the euphoria begins to wane. With it emerges the silent toll of alcohol: the parched whispers of dehydration, brought on by its diuretic effect, which nudges the kidneys to excrete more fluid, leaving the body thirsting for what was lost.

The labyrinth of cognitive fog, as alcohol's subtle invasion of the brain, slows neurotransmission, impeding judgment and precision. And the restless embrace of troubled sleep, a dance with dreams disrupted as alcohol interferes with the deep stages of slumber, where true rest is born.

Lurking on the horizon, too, is the potential long-term afflictions that cast shadows over the initial joy, hinting at a complexity that marries the immediate allure with a haunting echo of consequence.

And so, the question then unfurls like a delicate blossom: Can we still touch the magic of these moments without the harsh aftermath? The answer, resplendent in its simplicity, leads us to several paths that echo with natural enchantment.

8 Things To Do Instead of Drinking Alcohol

Our journey begins with the whisper of alternatives, each holding the key to a door that opens to authentic joy, presence, and well-being.

1. Practice Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

Within the still chambers of our minds lies a world rich with calm and introspection. Meditation and mindfulness unfold these layers, allowing us to touch a peace that resonates with the quiet corners of nature.

These practices sculpt neural pathways through focused attention, encouraging a serene mind and heart. Here, in the gentle embrace of our breath, we find a sanctuary akin to the tranquil evenings when all that matters is the conversation with our souls.

2. Enjoy Herbal Teas and Infusions

The alchemy of botanicals presents another path toward relaxation and stimulation. Herbal teas and infusions, rich with nature's wisdom, offer a sensory experience that mirrors the ebb and flow of life's tides.

A cup of chamomile, lavender, or ginseng holds within it a world of natural magic, each herb working synergistically to support the body's equilibrium. They invite us to slow down and savor the unadorned beauty of existence.

3. Engage in Creative Activities

The human spirit is a wellspring of creativity, waiting to be explored through painting, writing, or music. These activities awaken a joy that resonates with nature's wild creativity, with its colors, sounds, and forms.

The release of dopamine during the creative process mimics the pleasure-seeking aspects of alcohol but without the aftermath. The canvas of imagination is vast, and in its exploration, we find echoes of joy, discovery, and fulfillment that go beyond transient pleasures.

4. Socialize With Intention

True connection comes not from the clink of glasses but from the meeting of minds and hearts. Shared stories, laughter, and deep, meaningful conversations create a tapestry of human experience that surpasses the artificial glow of alcohol.

In these intimate gatherings, where presence triumphs over pretense, oxytocin, the hormone of bonding, paints the enduring spark of human connection.

5. Try Physical Activities and Exercise

The body, in its wisdom, holds the keys to elevation and joy. Whether through the gentle flow of yoga, the invigorating journey of a hike, or the liberation found in a run, physical activities reconnect us with the primal joy of movement.

Releasing endorphins and reducing cortisol levels, these pursuits of the body connect with a feeling akin to alcohol's dopamine effect, yet without the shadow of detriment. It's an energy that vibrates with life itself, reminding us that vitality is but a heartbeat away.

6. Plan Spa and Wellness Practices

The art of self-care transcends the mundane. Spa and wellness practices are not mere indulgences but a celebration of oneself. The scents of essential oils, the warmth of a bath, and the loving touch of a massage lead us to a place where body and spirit find their natural balance, a space where beauty blossoms in simplicity.

7. Connect With Nature

Embracing the embrace of the forest, the song of the sea, or the whisper of the wind provides a gateway to serenity and inspiration. In all its unadorned splendor, nature offers lessons in presence, resilience, and beauty.

The simple act of walking among trees, absorbing the sun's gentle rays, or marveling at the dance of a flowing river can align our spirits with something profound yet intangible. The world's green sanctuaries can become places of healing, balance, and connection that echo with the wisdom of the earth and the rhythm of life. It's a path that neither intoxicates nor drains but nourishes the soul with its purity and grace.

8. Drink Functional Spirits

In the world of botanical wellness, Aplós presents a sophisticated and innovative approach to savoring life's moments.

Infused with broad-spectrum hemp, Aplós Calme embodies the gentle art of balance and relaxation. Hemp cannabinoids like CBD engage harmoniously with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), supporting equilibrium and tranquility.

It's a serene experience that doesn't compromise clarity or leave you longing for hydration the next morning. Instead, it offers a bright and complex blend that relies on nature's wisdom to calm and uplift for moments of introspective unwinding.

Meanwhile, Aplós Arise weaves together adaptogenic botanicals, supporting the body's ability to respond to stress. These adaptogens, allies in soothing tension, support the body's natural functions, helping to foster a feeling of looseness and openness, lessening the social inhibitions that many seek from alcohol. A bold and earthy blend, Aplós Arise stimulates and elevates without impaired judgment or long-term health consequences.

How Do Functional Spirits Compare to Alcohol?

Functional spirits, such as Aplós Calme and Aplós Arise, unlock doors to contemplation, connection, and joyous celebration without the burden. They are a marriage of science and sensory delight, where botanical-derived natural compounds enhance cocktails to elevate and brighten the palate and spirit.

The science behind hemp and adaptogens aligns with the body's inherent wisdom, not overpowering or manipulating but supporting and enhancing what the body naturally does. It's a realm where innovation meets the reverence for nature's artistry, and celebration blends seamlessly with wellness.

Here, you'll find no hangovers or impaired judgment, only the pure enchantment of life's pleasures, untainted by the shadows of regret. It's a recalibration, a chance to slow down and experience the simple, magical moments that add substance to our lives, guided by the gentle hand of Aplós' botanical craft.

Enhance the Moment With Aplós Functional Spirits

The tapestry we've woven together is rich with alternatives that echo the earth's whisper, the body's wisdom, and the poetry of the human connection. Meditation, herbal infusions, creative expressions, intentional socializing, physical engagement, and wellness practices all dance with the allure of Aplós, inviting a more balanced way of living.

These paths invite you to explore, savor, and celebrate life in all its unadorned glory, enriched by the magic of botanical wellness, introspective relaxation, and jubilant elevation.

Let Aplós guide you toward a realm of balance and recalibration, a more conscious and beautiful way of embracing life's pleasures without compromise. Here, the confluence of innovation, nature's wisdom, and human intention meets for moments that uplift, inspire, and resonate with the heartbeat of existence.

Experience the joy and depth of these alternative experiences, and let them illuminate your path to a more vibrant, conscious, and fulfilling life.


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