Learn / Three Reasons Hemp-Infused Drinks Are Better for Dating

May 5th, 2022

Three Reasons Hemp-Infused Drinks Are Better for Dating

Cocktails or wine on a date seem like a no-brainer — alcohol can make us feel more at ease, allay any pre-date jitters, and “grabbing a drink” is a less intimidating proposition than committing to an entire dinner. For many, alcohol serves as the social lubricant that makes dating possible in the first place. While it can feel like dating revolves entirely around alcohol, dating while sober is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many reasons we may choose to avoid alcohol, but sober dating in particular is a unique opportunity to get to know yourself and your date on a deeper level.

Going on dates without imbibing allows you to stay focused on the evening and on your partner — to get to know them in an authentic way not obscured by the fog of intoxication. Perhaps dating without alcohol seems daunting, but in reality, it’s easier than we imagine. Here’s how to date without drinking.

Avoid the Dreaded Mocktail

There’s nothing that makes the absence of alcohol more pronounced than asking for a list of the house mocktails. Instead of giving up on cocktails completely, we can find a middle ground between the harmful effects of alcohol, and cutting out cocktails completely. After all, alcohol isn’t the only option.

Try Alcohol Alternatives

Teetotaling doesn’t mean you can’t sip a cocktail alternative with your date. Hemp-based spirits, in particular, can offer a light buzz with a complex bouquet of flavors that can take the place of a traditional cocktail. Non-alcoholic spirits are a great way to relax and put you and your date at ease without the mind-fogging, hangover-inducing effects of alcohol.

Be Confident

Drinking alcohol on a date isn’t a foregone conclusion and it doesn’t need to be the norm. It’s okay to opt out! Having options that still have a hint of a vice is a great step forward.