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Three Benefits of Dry January

Aplós, January 5th, 2022

As we usher in the new year, we find ourselves at the end of a holiday season. For many, these months are as stressful as it they are celebratory. While we want to enjoy the festivities, more often than not, we find ourselves feeling stretched thin between finding time for family, endless holiday parties, and the year-end wrap-up at work. It’s not surprising, then, that so many of us tend to overindulge throughout the holidays. We eat and drink at office parties, at family events, as a way to cope with stress — sometimes we even eat and drink just for something to do.

Rather than helping us to enjoy the season, overindulging can leave us feeling sluggish and uncentered throughout the holidays. On the other hand, mindful drinking and alternative spirits can help you to feel present and enjoy a long-term reset without feeling like you are giving anything up.

Here are three ways intentional imbibing and alternative spirits can help you in 2022:

1. Relaxation Without Intoxication

It’s easy to drink more than you “planned” and to get a bit more rambunctious than you may have intended. Hemp-based spirits offer an alternative — a way to relax and feel at ease, to participate in the party without the risk of overindulging.

2. Get Proactive with your Hangovers

Hemp-infused drinks don’t contain the alcohol and sugar that combine to create toxins your body works hard to eliminate. Until alcohol, cannabinoids may actually help with sleep quality. Focusing on alternative spirits instead of alcohol is an easy substitute that won’t force you into recovery mode the next morning.

3. Watch your Waistline

Calories from alcohol don’t contain nutrition and can be an unwelcome addition to your daily unwind. Alternative spirits are a way to indulge without setting aside your fitness goals.

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