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December 29th, 2023

The Journey Beyond Dry January

A fresh take on Dry January

Hey there, fellow seekers of health and balance! If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with the concept of Dry January. But what if I told you I'm taking it a step further – diving into weekday sobriety for a longer-lasting impact on my well-being?

Dry January was an eye-opener for me. It wasn't just about abstaining from alcohol for a month; it was about reassessing my relationship with it. It got me thinking: why limit this feeling of clarity and vitality to just one month?

This year, I've subscribed to get two bottles of my favorite NA spirit, Aplós Calme, to make it easier to stay committed to my goals.

The Decision to Go Weekday Sober

That's where the idea of weekday sobriety came in. Instead of waiting for weekends to indulge, I wanted to extend the benefits of sobriety throughout the week. It's not about deprivation; it's about enhancing my health, energy, and mental clarity.

The Impact on Health and Wellness

Cutting back on alcohol during the week has had a profound effect. My energy levels have soared, my sleep quality has improved, and the mental fog that used to linger midweek has vanished. I'm more focused, productive, and present in my day-to-day life.

Rediscovering Weekday Joy

Initially, I was concerned that my weekdays would become mundane without a glass of wine or a cocktail to unwind. However, I've discovered new ways to relax and de-stress – from yoga and evening walks to indulging in herbal teas or trying out alcohol-free mocktails.

The Social Aspect

Navigating social situations without alcohol during the week has been surprisingly liberating. It's given me the chance to connect more deeply with friends, engage in meaningful conversations, and enjoy activities that don't revolve around drinking.

Long-Term Benefits and Growth

This isn't just a temporary phase; it's a lifestyle shift. By incorporating weekday sobriety into my routine, I'm investing in my long-term health and happiness. It's about continuous growth, self-awareness, and making choices that align with my well-being.

Explore Functional NA Spirits

Aplós Calme, for example, offers a gentle calming, uplifting sensation instead of alcohol’s hangovers and health issues. Infused with hemp and crafted for moments of unwind, Calme features a layered, botanical flavor profile, and work well in complex cocktails, or paired with dinner.

Aplós Arise is a functional spirit crafted to put you at ease in social settings. Infused with adaptogens and crafted for moments of revelry, Arise offers an herbal citrus profile with notes of agave flower, lemon verbena, and black sarawak peppercorn.

Most importantly, though, Aplós spirits are a way to replace alcohol without feeling like you’ve been deprived of that reward at the end of the day or the indulgence of a cocktail with friends.


Weekday sobriety isn't about imposing strict rules; it's about making intentional choices that elevate my health and well-being. It's about finding balance, discovering new sources of joy, and creating a life where vitality and clarity aren't confined to a single month.

Join me on this journey of embracing weekday sobriety, where each day becomes an opportunity for enhanced health, focus, and a deeper connection with life itself.

Here's to weekday sobriety – a pathway to lasting health and wellness!