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Introducing Functional, Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Aplós, December 2nd, 2022

A relaxing drink at the end of the work day is a great way to unwind, but daily drinks add up to significant alcohol intake that can result in empty calories, poor sleep, and anxiety. It can feel daunting, but minimizing the role that alcohol plays into your after-work plans is an easy way to improve your headspace.

Aplós spirits offer alternative options for imbibing that are infused with functional ingredients so you can continue indulging in your favorite end-of-day drink cocktail rituals without the negative after effects like poor sleep, hangovers, and empty calories.

With active ingredients like hemp and adaptogens, Aplós spirits give a light buzz and can help you feel relaxed without clouding your mind — sans the negative effects associated with traditional spirits. Changing our habits isn’t always easy, but it can be intensely rewarding. When it comes to alcohol, making small changes can lead to huge results.

Crafted by award-winning mixologist Lynnette Marrero and formulated to enhance the immediate pleasure of taste and the slow pleasures of the mind that follow, Aplós spirits are meant to replicate the experience of drinking a premium liquor. Our spirits can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, and in any number of cocktails. Even better, Aplós spirits are low calorie, sugar free, and hangover free.

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