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How To Make Honey Syrup for Your Cocktails

Aplós, September 1st, 2023

Amid the warm embrace of meandering meadows and the gentle rustle of nature's whispers, a tale as old as time unfolds: honey. This golden droplet, cradled within the heart of blossoms and nurtured by bees singing their communal songs, is a testament to moments when the sun kisses the earth and flowers reach skywards, their roots deeply tied to the secrets of the soil.

With a taste that holds the echoes of sunlit dances and a fragrant breeze, honey speaks of nature's profound simplicity. Its gentle sweetness captures the very essence of the earth's magic, lending its enchanting touch to elevate cocktails.

Infusing drinks with honey brings forth the amber allure of meadows and a sense of wellness, marrying nature's embrace with the rich tapestry of flavors, creating an experience that lingers, much like the afterglow of a sun-soaked day.

What Are the Benefits of Honey?

From the heart of nature springs honey, an ageless enchantment, holding within its amber embrace myriad secrets. A testament to the wonders of the earth, every drop tells a tale, rich and profound.

This enchanting golden elixir spun from the bees, and their tireless endeavors amidst blossoms carry with them the very soul of the landscape. Let us delve deep into the shimmering heart of honey, embracing its marvels.

A Natural Sweetener

Bask in the embrace of nature every time honey graces your palate. Far removed from the clinical chill of processed sugars, honey's sweetness stems from the sun-kissed meadows and twilight-kissed petals.

When we choose honey over other sweetening alternatives, we're opting for an ingredient that has journeyed through blooms, kissed by morning dew. Its gentle sweetness is a direct link to the vast outdoors, an essence of the free and wild, making every morsel a celebration of the earth's bounty.

Rich in Antioxidants

The luminescence of honey isn't merely a feast for the eyes; within its depths are nature's silent warriors — antioxidants. These guardians combat the unseen specters of oxidative stress in defense of our cells and overall wellness.

Every drop of honey we consume is an infusion of vitality, a testament to nature's foresight in creating defenses against the ravages of time and environment. As we savor its sweetness, we also bask in the protective embrace of phenolic compounds, safeguarding our essence against the march of time.

Soothes the Throat

When seeking solace during bitter colds, honey emerges as a gentle balm, a lullaby for weary throats. Its texture, reminiscent of velvet, provides solace, coating the distressed in a warm, comforting cocoon.

Throughout the ages, honey has been a beacon for those seeking relief, a natural remedy that stands testimony to the botanical wonders woven into our world.

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

While honey glistens with natural sugars, its magic lies in its balance. This golden nectar, in its intrinsic wisdom, aids in maintaining the body's intricate dance of blood sugar levels.

The unique composition, a blend of fructose and glucose, harmonizes with our internal rhythms, ensuring that the energy release is consistent and smooth. It offers sweetness that resonates with our body's deeper needs.

Supports Immunity

An ancient shield bolstering our defenses lies within the gilded confines of honey. Rich in antioxidants and an uncanny knack for warding off bacteria, honey is nature's fortifying draught.

As we partake in this golden delight, we're not merely indulging our senses but fortifying our essence.

Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Beyond its evident charms, honey wields a more profound magic. Its interaction with our body can help harmonize internal melodies, particularly those of cholesterol.

With regular consumption, honey can support healthy cholesterol levels, serving as a sweet treat while also helping keep our heart's rhythms joyous and unhindered.

Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

The depths of honey shimmer with more than just sweetness, but with a bloom of nutrients. The vitamins and minerals nestled within honey bear tales of diverse landscapes.

From the soft glow of vitamin C to the earthy embrace of iron, honey is a microcosm of the vast outdoors, bringing with it a touch of the wild and the nourishment of nature.

In this grand tapestry of taste and health, honey emerges as nectar, bridging the ephemeral with the eternal.

How To Choose the Right Honey for Your Cocktails

When crafting the perfect cocktail, each ingredient is a brushstroke in a masterpiece. Honey, with its natural magic, provides depth and nuance to drinks, making the choice of honey crucial.

We recommend using organic honey when possible. Sourced from flowers that aren’t treated with chemicals, organic honey carries a purer taste and retains more of nature's raw essence. Preferred for its untouched quality, it adds a sensorial experience to cocktails that aligns with our ethos of natural magic.

Raw vs. Processed Honey: What’s the Difference?

Like nature herself, honey, too, has its variations, each one following a different path.

Raw honey, for instance, is untouched by heat or heavy filtration — a liquid dream that has captured the sun's rays and the delicate touch of wildflowers. Within its viscous depths lie enzymes, pollen, and nutrients — nature's bounty in its most unbridled form. When seeking an unvarnished embrace of nature, let raw honey guide you.

Yet, in our quest for refinement and longevity, processed honey emerges. This form of pasteurized honey has undergone processing to offer resistance to crystallization and clarity akin to a serene pond. The heating process may have vanquished some of the natural enzymes, but a longer-lasting, silky, smooth consistency remains.

When choosing between the two, let your spirit and purpose guide you. If it's an undiluted conversation with nature you seek, the raw essence beckons. If a harmonious blend with other elements, clarity, and extended communion is what your heart desires, then processed honey might be the song your soul sings.

Wildflower vs. Monofloral Honey

Drenched in golden allure, wildflower honey is sourced from the nectar of various flowers. Also known as multifloral honey, each drop echoes a medley of wildflowers — intertwined by the pollination patterns of the bees — to layer your drink with a vibrant array of aromas and floral notes. It offers a bouquet of flavors, adding layered complexity to cocktails.

Monofloral honey, meanwhile, unfurls from a singular floral embrace, an intimate connection with just one bloom, be it the tender clover or the peaceful alfalfa. The single note resonates in every sip, allowing the drinker to traverse nature's pathways with focused intent.

When crafting cocktails, neither reigns supreme; instead, their chosen presence is dictated by the mood and moment. Wildflower honey excels in cocktails yearning for nature's complex embrace, while monofloral shines in concoctions desiring a specific, allowing for more controlled flavoring in cocktails. Both can add the balance and subtle sweetness you desire to your cocktail of choice.

Choosing Your Honey Variety

Immersing oneself in the realm of honey is to embark on a journey of discovery. Some honeys, like clover and alfalfa, echo the gentle murmurs of dawn.

Their delicate sweetness cradles other flavors tenderly, creating a harmonious blend that glimmers in brighter cocktails. Such honeys whisper their presence, allowing other notes to come forth unmasked.

On the other hand, there are richer honeys that carry the depth and resonance of twilight. Buckwheat, for instance, wears a cloak of molten gold, its profound tones making a bold statement even amongst powerful spirits. Its robust, earthy flavor stands tall, a beacon amidst the chorus of other ingredients, perfectly complementing darker spirits with its rich undertones.

But it's essential to remember that different kinds of honey come with unique flavor profiles influenced by their harvest time and the flowers they've embraced. Before whisking them into your cocktail, let your senses be the judge.

Taste the honey, feel its texture, and listen to its story. Depending on its intensity, adjust your concoction. For milder honeys, a two-to-one ratio of honey to water might accentuate their charm, ensuring they aren't lost in the mix.

How To Craft the Perfect Honey Syrup

Embracing the essence of honey in your drinks requires a harmony of ingredients, a meeting of stories. Begin with understanding the honey you choose, then embark on this poetic crafting.


  • 1/2 cup honey (adjust the ratio to elevate the flavor as needed)
  • 1/2 cup water

In a saucepan over medium heat, gently introduce the honey and water. Stir them together, letting their essences intertwine, creating a seamless union.

Once the mixture is harmonious, gently pour it into a vessel, preserving their combined tales for your forthcoming elixirs.

Integrating Honey Syrup in Aplós-Inspired Cocktails

In a world abuzz with life's rhythm, there lies a gentle invitation to relish a moment. Aplós brings you the concept of functional spirits, distilled not just to delight the senses but to serve a purpose, an emotion, a moment.

Consider Aplós Calme when you’re seeking tranquility. Think of those days wrapped in the warm embrace of a dusky horizon, the world around fading into a soft hum. Infused with bright citrus botanicals and hemp extract, Calme lends an intimate note to elevate your favorite honey cocktail, a potion of relaxation.

And, for nights that spool out like a vibrant tapestry of laughter and spirited conversations, Aplós Arise — with its bold and invigorating adaptogenic herbs — sets the scene for those shared moments. Replacing the alcohol in your honey-imbued bee’s knees or gold rush cocktail with Arise means infusing your drink with the zest of life — enhancing the moment as your spirit lifts and buzzes like the bees.

Parting Thoughts: Elevating Life's Moments With Aplós

Let honey's ancient wellness guide you as the sun dips and shadows grow long. With honey-infused functional cocktail recipes from Aplós, you can elevate the magic of the moment, sipping on nature's purest elixirs.

When alcohol steps back, what remains is a mosaic of botanical wonders: honey, herbs, and enchanting botanicals, each mingling, creating a potion where nature's wellness flourishes in every sip.

Here, amidst the golden nectar, we beckon you to find your moment, to immerse in the magic of now, and to revel in nature's embrace. Dive deep into our trove of botanical wellness and let honey, in all its golden glory, paint your moments with splendor.


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