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11 Ginger Cocktails With & Without Alcohol

Aplós, September 1st, 2023

The allure of ginger — its subtle spice, warmth, and vibrant notes — is a testament to its distinct personality. Not merely an ingredient, it's a catalyst, a force that has weaved its magic across cuisines and cultures, emerging as a key player in the world of mixology.

Whether it's the sizzle of a spiked ginger drink or the tranquility of a non-alcoholic elixir, ginger's botanical essence permeates these liquid canvases with grace and sophistication, inviting us to sip and savor the moments one with nature.

What Is Ginger?

The vibrant allure of ginger dances across the senses, weaving its warmth and subtle spice into our culinary and cultural experiences.

Originating from the moist, tropical regions of Southeast Asia, ginger has been revered for centuries in Eastern medicine for its comforting and supportive qualities. Its golden-hued root bursts forth with zesty zeal, offering a sensory delight that bridges our palates to the botanical essence of nature.

Ginger is more than just a flavor enhancer; it's an eloquent expression of nature's wisdom and a symbol of the magic found in small moments of connection. Its versatility graces both spirited concoctions and non-alcoholic elixirs, each embracing the allure of warming spices and the timeless testament of herbal healing.

Whether fresh, candied, dried, or blended into syrups and beverages, ginger is a heartwarming reminder of our communal celebrations and our cherished opportunities to nourish both body and soul.

What Are the Benefits of Ginger?

Dive deeper into the world of ginger, and you'll unearth a treasure trove of botanical wellness virtues.

Soothing Properties

Within the lively zest of ginger resides a profound essence — its natural capacity to soothe. These characteristics are not a newfound wonder but wisdom woven through the ages and acknowledged by contemporary science.

Ginger's active elements, gingerols and shogaols, unobtrusively impart their calming influence, helping to temper physical manifestations of stress within the body.

When you partake in a cocktail ignited with the fiery yet gentle heat of ginger, you're not merely savoring an aromatic delight but also imbibing the serenity that this earthly root imparts to your being.

Digestive Aid

Ginger's timeless grace has served as nature’s gentle remedy for many digestive quandaries. Its delicate, warming embrace functions as a nurturing caress for the stomach, encouraging digestion and helping soothe unease.

In the realm of cocktails, ginger transforms into a harmonious companion, quietly bolstering your digestion as you revel in the flavors of your preferred libations.

The Many Roles of Ginger in Beverages

The splendor of ginger is found in its versatility. In each form, ginger reveals a different facet of its nuanced character.

Fresh ginger roots, bursting with zesty zeal, lend a kick to cocktails that awaken the senses. Ginger syrup, rich and concentrated, offers a dulcet sweetness, enhancing the depth of flavors. Candied ginger, a treat in itself, offers visual charm and a delightful burst of spice.

Then, there's the effervescence of ginger beer or the refined subtlety of ginger ale. Each provides a different level of gingery spice and a distinctive personality to the drinks they grace. Their bubbly demeanor makes them favorite companions in both spirited concoctions and their non-alcoholic counterparts.

And let's not forget about ginger bitters and liqueurs — these potent extracts blend effortlessly, rendering a profound spiced undertone to your potions. They serve as whispers of an ancient tradition where the curative properties of ginger found expression in aromatic tinctures and potent elixirs.

The profiles of ginger-based beverages are as diverse as they are harmonious. In all its incarnations, ginger stands as an eloquent ambassador of nature’s wisdom — a testament to the belief that our most cherished moments of connection and revelry can nourish the soul.

Classic Ginger Cocktails

The relationship between ginger and cocktails is a tale as old as time, a warm embrace etched in tradition. Rooted in history and enlivened by creative mixology, ginger has left its indelible mark on several classic cocktails.

These classic drinks, steeped in tradition and story, have been graced by the spiced whisper of ginger.

1. Moscow Mule

A drink as distinctive as its copper mug, the Moscow mule is a cocktail steeped in history. It began in the 1940s when two individuals — one with an excess of vodka and the other with too much ginger beer — joined forces.

The result was a refreshing, spicy, sweet, and tangy blend crowned with a spritz of lime. The popularity of the Moscow mule not only bolstered vodka sales in America but also established ginger beer as a cocktail staple.

2. Dark n' Stormy

The dark n’ stormy is a cocktail as dramatic as its name. Originating in Bermuda, this cocktail intertwines the depth of dark rum with the bright fizz of ginger beer.

It's the drink that emerged from the island's seafaring history, and its name is said to be inspired by a sailor’s remark about its foreboding color resembling "a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under."

3. Ginger Smash

The ginger smash is a fragrant fusion, where the warm allure of ginger mingles with fresh citrus, creating a delightful dance of flavors that brightens and entices.

4. The Witch Doctor

A mystical concoction, the witch doctor combines ginger's magical warmth with the spiciness of ginger beer or ginger ale, the richness of dark rum, and the freshness of lime and pineapple juices to create an exotic and flavorful drink. The bitters add complexity and depth, enhancing the overall experience and casting a spell on your palate that transcends the ordinary.

5. Penicillin

An elixir for the soul, the penicillin blends the soothing embrace of ginger with Scotch whisky, honey, and lemon. It's a remedy that captures the essence of comfort and tradition in a glass.

Often garnished with candied ginger or a twist of lemon peel, this modern classic tempts the palate with a harmonious balance of warmth and zest for a soothing sensory experience.

6. Ginger Buck

The ginger buck is an honest and robust drink where the earthy tones of ginger meld with bourbon whiskey, lime juice, and simple syrup for a balanced flavor profile.

7. Ginger Amaretto Sour

A dance of contrasts, the ginger amaretto sour marries the zesty heat of ginger with the rich sweetness of a classic Amaretto. This fusion creates a captivating flavor profile that tantalizes and satisfies.

These classics underscore the enchantment of ginger in the realm of cocktails. Its spice, subtly woven into the liquid tapestry of these beverages, offers a timeless taste that connects us to the past and leads us into the future of mindful, luxurious drinking.

A New Wave: Non-Alcoholic Ginger Cocktails

For those seeking the complexities of flavor and sensory stimulation without the burden of alcohol, consider replacing the alcohol in your cocktail with Aplós functional spirits for a sensory experience that deepens connections and keeps you clear-headed and present as you enjoy every sip.

Our Aplós Calme, infused with broad-spectrum hemp, offers a soothing calm that sets the stage for introspective evenings and tranquil heart-to-hearts. Meanwhile, Aplós Arise — graced with our unique blend of adaptogens — stimulates and uplifts, sparking lively celebrations and vibrant exchanges of thought.

Whether you choose to imbibe or abstain, we've carefully designed these non-alcoholic spirits for everyone who seeks a sensorial, plant-based experience, rich in nature's bounty and free from the morning-after haze.

Recipes To Elevate the Ginger Experience With Aplós

Let us journey through a sensory exploration that transcends the ordinary. Here, we meet non-alcoholic functional cocktails that are both innovative and luxurious, teeming with the power of botanical wellness.

1. Love in Low Light

Imagine capturing the ephemeral warmth of a January sun or the quickened pulse at a wisdom-laden encounter. With its blend of Aplós Calme, lychee juice, ginger, and lemon, this cocktail provides a sensory echo of these fleeting, beautiful moments.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz
  • Lychee juice: 1 oz
  • Ginger juice: ¾ oz
  • Lemon juice: ¾ oz
  • Fresh rosemary sprig

In a shaker, combine Aplós Calme, lychee juice, ginger juice, lemon juice, and ice. Shake and strain into a coupe or martini glass. Garnish with a fresh lychee and rosemary sprig.

2. Aplós & Java Plum

Here, we blend the tropical essence of Java plum mix with Aplós Calme, lemon juice, and a splash of ginger ale. The result? An alluring cocktail inspired by the rich traditions of South Asia.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz
  • Java plum mix: 2 oz
  • Lemon juice: 1 oz
  • Ginger ale: Splash

Shake and strain into a flute. Garnish with rose buds.

*To make the Java plum mix, combine one cup of muddled Java plums with one cup of sugar and refrigerate for 24 to 48 hours, stirring occasionally. Fine strain. This can also be replaced with 1/2 oz. of grenadine.

3. Aplós & Ginger Syrup

Concocted for Dry January, this functional cocktail marries the bright, tart notes of grapefruit with the warm, spiced tones of ginger syrup. Garnish with a sprig of mint and candied ginger for a final flourish of sensory delight that will bring a comforting warmth to your winter days.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz
  • Grapefruit juice: 2 oz
  • Ginger syrup: ½ oz

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice until very cold. Strain into your glass of choice and top with club soda. Garnish with mint sprig and candied ginger.

*For the Ginger Syrup, simmer one cup of sliced ginger in a pot with 1:1 water/cane sugar. Add a squeeze of lime juice.

4. The Lovely Loneliness of Washing Dishes

Embrace the tranquil solitude of washing dishes with this cocktail. The Lovely Loneliness of Washing Dishes is a cocktail that resonates with the introverted soul, a refreshing blend that offers a humble nod to the quiet satisfaction of a job well done.


  • Aplós Calme: 2 oz.
  • Ginger juice: 2 oz.
  • Grapefruit juice: ¾ oz
  • Celery syrup: ½ oz.
  • Garnish with celery leaves

Add equal parts celery juice to ½ tsp of superfine organic sugar for the celery syrup. Shake the Aplós Calme, ginger, grapefruit, celery syrup, and ice, then strain into your preferred glass. Garnish with celery leaves.

These recipes embody the rich tapestry of flavors and botanical wellness that define Aplós. Enjoy these handcrafted experiences, each a journey into the warmth and enchantment of nature's embrace.

The Art of Botanical Mixology

As our exploration of spirited and spirit-free ginger cocktails comes to a close, we invite you to carry the narrative forward. Luxuriate in the sensory wonder of botanical-infused beverages that conjure the tranquil calm of an introspective evening or the vivacious pulse of lively gatherings.

Each Aplós-infused creation honors the rich history of herbal wellness, nurturing our bodies while elevating our sensory experience. Allow these recipes to inspire your own journey through the subtle spice, distinct aroma, and transformative allure of ginger.

Your exploration into the allure of the natural world awaits with these enticing and uplifting wellness cocktails.


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