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August 15th, 2023

5 Drinks That Give You a Buzz Without Alcohol

A buzz without the booze — an elusive idea turned tangible reality.

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There is a subtle but powerful transformation unfolding in our social and cultural rituals, an evolution that is slowly but surely redefining our relationship with the glass in our hands.

As we become more intentional about our lifestyle choices, our quest for balanced living has led us to reconsider our bonds with alcoholic beverages. The emerging trend? A deliberate shift towards non-alcoholic options that enliven the senses, mirror the conviviality of shared drinks, and yet promise a radiant dawn without the shadow of a hangover.

A buzz without the booze — an elusive idea turned tangible reality.

Why Opt for Alternatives to Alcoholic Drinks?

The allure of alcohol is deeply ingrained in our social fabric. It has long been a companion in our celebrations, a salve for our stresses, and a lubricant for our social interactions. It allows us to unwind, to loosen up, and serves as an invisible thread weaving individuals together in shared experiences.

Yet, these fleeting moments of ease and comfort often come tethered to a cost that's exacted with the unforgiving ruthlessness of the morning sun. Alcohol, while enchanting in moderation, can impose substantial risks in the longer run.

The immediate aftermath, however, is far more tangible: sleepless nights, lackluster mornings, and a diminished capacity to seize the day. And so, we find ourselves wondering: Must the warmth of social bonding and the quiet surrender to relaxation be shadowed by a heavy toll?

The Magic of Functional Beverages

Herein lies the intrigue of functional spirits. Drinks that are not only enticing in taste but are imbued with natural ingredients to gently nudge our body's internal rhythm towards balance.

These drinks do not aim to serve as mere placeholders for their alcoholic counterparts; instead, they strive to create an experience of their own. They offer a unique alchemy of flavors and benefits, harnessing the bounty of botanical extracts, adaptogens, and other plant-based wonders that work in tandem with our body's innate wisdom.

These beverages whisper of shared laughter that doesn't echo with regrets, of intimate conversations that aren't clouded by discomfort the next day. They speak of being truly present in the moment, each sip a testament to the here and now.

This isn't just about substituting alcohol — it's about creating new traditions of togetherness and celebration. Functional beverages are the gentle answer to our silent question: can we truly have the magic without the cost? Yes, we can.

Five Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Will Still Give You a Buzz

Embrace the transformative power of functional beverages as we explore five non-alcoholic drinks that offer an enlightened buzz, inviting you to savor the moment without the morning-after regret.

1. Aplós Calme

Enter the serene realm of Aplós Calme, a non-alcoholic spirit crafted for the quieter moments, those fleeting pauses in the bustle of daily life that hold space for reflection and introspection. Enveloped in a blend of citrus and herbal botanicals, Calme weaves an intricate tapestry of tranquility, with each sip inviting you to unwind and disengage.

At the heart of Calme's soothing magic is its infusion of broad-spectrum hemp extract, a marvel of botanical wellness derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. This hemp extract is abundant in CBD, a compound known for its myriad of potential wellness benefits.

Calme's symphony of ingredients, led by this CBD-rich hemp extract, gently nudges your body toward a state of calm relaxation, replacing the intoxicating effects of alcohol with a more grounded sense of serenity.

Our broad-spectrum hemp extract interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system to help maintain a state of balance and support a variety of physiological processes, including mood, sleep, and pain.

In essence, Aplós Calme leverages hemp's calming influence to provide a beverage that quietly hums with the magic of shared moments without an ensuing toll.

2. Aplós Arise

Now, let's journey towards the invigorating embrace of Aplós Arise, a non-alcoholic spirit designed for those times of revelry when energy buzzes around you like an electric current.

Infused with adaptogens, Arise presents a complex, earthy ensemble of citrus and herbal botanicals that stir the senses and stimulate the spirit.

A unique class of plants known for their potential to enhance the body's natural response to stress, adaptogens are believed to work at a molecular level, aiding the body in the healthy regulation of stress hormones and helping to maintain the body's balance during periods of physical or mental strain.

In a sense, they can help you adapt to stress, supporting your energy and focus in the process. Aplós Arise brings this potent power to the forefront, offering an uplift that doesn't overstimulate or jolt but gently elevates, supporting your body's innate capacity to thrive in the midst of celebration.

Providing a form of stimulation that stands in stark contrast to the volatile highs and lows of alcohol, there's no frenzied peak followed by a crashing low with Arise — just a sustained, natural vibrancy that enhances your sense of presence in the shared joy of the moment.

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, indulging in lively conversations, or simply reveling in the beauty of existing, Aplós Arise is your spirited partner, enabling you to partake in life's festivities fully, vivaciously, and, most importantly, mindfully.

3. Aplós Herb-infused Iced Tea

Exploring the world of herbs, we find allies in our quest for balance and vitality. Herbs like rosemary, mint, and thyme not only lend their delightful aromas to your beverages, but they also nourish our bodies.

Rosemary, with its stimulating scent, helps support alertness and memory. Mint, a natural coolant, is known for its digestive benefits and invigorating properties. When muddled and mixed into iced tea, these herbs transform a simple drink into a refreshing and aromatic experience.

Add a measure of Aplós Arise, and you have an elevated beverage that not only stimulates your senses but also works in harmony with your body. The adaptogens in Aplós Arise augment the herbs' benefits, offering an energizing and balanced uplift.

4. Aplós’ Monday 5:15 Cocktail

What if we dared to step away from the compulsion to produce and instead steeped ourselves in the art of being? Enter Monday 5:15, an original Aplós cocktail recipe that challenges the norms of usefulness, nudging us to embrace the existential charm of idleness.

As dusk settles and the week’s responsibilities begin to blur, the Monday 5:15 offers an exquisite balance of invigoration and tranquility. Combining Aplós Calme's soothing hemp properties with the robust vigor and antioxidant-rich caffeine of espresso, the Monday 5:15 creates a balanced buzz that is both invigorating and grounded, one that reverberates with the pulse of your momentary rebellion.

5. Coconut Water

Coconut water is more than just a refreshing drink — it's a potent brew of minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants. With its rich composition, coconut water helps maintain hydration, support cardiovascular health, and balance blood sugar levels. It's a wonder drink that can elevate your mood and support your energy levels.

When blended with Aplós Calme, coconut water evolves into a sophisticated, non-alcoholic cocktail. The sweetness of the coconut water complements the herbal botanicals in Aplós Calme, creating a tranquil synergy.

Imagine sipping on a glass of chilled coconut water, elevated by Aplós Calme, as you bask in the fleeting glow of the sunset. Every sip is a reminder of the magic inherent in nature's bounty, an affirmation of your commitment to mindful indulgence.

The Bottom Line

Navigating the waters of social engagement needn't require a sacrifice of wellness at the altar of conviviality. The emergence of non-alcoholic, functional beverages presents an opportunity to redefine our traditions of celebration and relaxation. It offers a means to engage deeply, to appreciate the subtleties of the moment, and to emerge from the experience with a sense of vibrancy rather than regret.

Choosing Aplós functional spirits as a companion in your journey to balanced living allows you to indulge in a luxurious, sensorial experience that not only complements your moments of unwind and revelry but also enriches them.

Imbued with the natural magic of hemp and adaptogens, these beverages offer a sophisticated alternative to alcohol. As you step forward into the realm of mindful indulgence, we invite you to explore the world of Aplós. Expand your sensory palette by experimenting with our cocktail recipes.

The path to a more balanced lifestyle awaits your first step, and with Aplós, that journey promises to be as delightful as it is rewarding. Here's to a new era of functional spirits that elevate, stimulate, and soothe, all without the shadows of tomorrow.