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July 7th, 2023

7 Blood Orange Cocktails Everyone Will Love

With the dawn of the new age in gastronomy and mixology, a crimson-hued sensation has seen a remarkable upsurge — the alluring blood orange. This captivating citrus with its unique, nuanced flavor has become a celebrated ingredient in the pantheon of cocktail concoctions.

From subtle aperitifs to bold nightcaps, the exquisite addition of blood orange has breathed new life into the world of cocktails, rendering them a poetic symphony of flavors.

Reviving traditional cocktail hour with a vibrant twist, these blood orange beverages tread the delicate line between nostalgia and novelty. Their rise in popularity owes much to a desire for discovery and for sensorial experiences that transport and intrigue. After all, aren’t our most cherished moments often those that are steeped in a sense of wonder?

The Appeal of Blood Orange Cocktails

Nestled within the heart of the blood orange is a romantic contradiction — a sweet, citrusy flavor kissed by the unexpected warmth of raspberries. It is this enchanting merging of taste that has positioned blood orange at the forefront of mixology's evolution.

The alluring blend of sweet and tart invigorates the palate, offering an unforeseen twist to conventional cocktail narratives. The taste, however, is only part of the appeal.

The blood orange, with its dramatically pigmented fruit, lends a deep and vibrant hue to cocktails. As sunlight hits the drink, it transforms into a roiling sea of crimson, evoking the ethereal beauty of a sunset. This captivating spectacle, a treat for the senses, elevates the cocktail experience, transforming it into an intimate encounter with nature’s artistry.

Moro Blood Oranges, in particular, hold a special place among these beguiling fruits. Grown abundantly in the volcanic soils of Hawaii, they are considered the crown jewel of pigmented citrus.

The Moro variety presents a deeper, richer color and a robust flavor profile that enhances the depth and complexity of cocktail compositions.

What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Blood Oranges?

Blood oranges are not just a sensory delight; they also offer a treasure trove of health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, specifically anthocyanins that give them their distinctive hue, blood oranges can support overall health by combating oxidative stress. Their anthocyanins have been linked to various health benefits, including heart health and vision support.

Moreover, blood oranges are rich in vitamin C, which can support the immune system and encourage skin health, providing that sought-after youthful glow. The fiber content aids in digestion, while folate and potassium can contribute to heart and overall health.

Additionally, the blood orange’s naturally sweet profile offers a healthier alternative to traditional cocktail sweeteners, helping to maintain a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing the pleasure of a well-crafted drink.

Despite their mystical aura, the benefits of blood oranges are firmly rooted in science. They provide a luxurious, healthier alternative to cocktail ingredients, promising not just a taste sensation but a holistic experience that uplifts and nourishes.

As we embark on this journey through blood orange cocktails, let us savor each sip as a celebration of nature’s bounty and a tribute to our well-being.

Seven Blood Orange Cocktail Recipes To Impress Your Palette

Like a poem penned in citrus and spirits, each blood orange cocktail whispers a tale of taste and tradition. Embark on a journey of flavor and finesse, where every sip holds a secret, every blend tells a tale, and the sun-soaked essence of the blood orange dances across your palette in an intoxicating ballet.

1. Blood Orange Margarita

The crisp essence of tequila and the sweet warmth of blood orange join in an embrace as invigorating as a sun-drenched afternoon spent dancing in the streets.


  • Silver tequila, 2 oz.
  • Fresh blood orange juice, 3 oz.
  • Fresh lime juice, 1 oz.
  • Agave nectar, 1 tbsp.
  • Salt and blood orange wedges for garnish

To craft this enchanting libation, blend the silver tequila, fresh blood orange juice, and lime juice. Sweeten to taste with agave nectar. Salt the rim of your glass, pour the mix, and garnish with a blood orange wedge.

2. Blood Orange Tequila Spritzer With Pomegranate

This drink captures the mystery of a desert sunset, blending the earthy notes of tequila with the rich depth of pomegranate and blood orange.


  • Silver tequila, 2 oz.
  • Fresh blood orange juice, 3 oz.
  • Pomegranate juice, 2 oz.
  • Club soda, to top
  • Pomegranate seeds and blood orange slices for garnish

Mix the silver tequila, fresh blood orange juice, and pomegranate juice in a tall glass. Top with club soda and garnish with pomegranate seeds and blood orange slices.

3. Blood Orange Bourbon Smash

As robust as a campfire under the stars, this cocktail combines the bold character of bourbon with the nuanced sweetness of blood orange.


  • Bourbon, 2 oz.
  • Fresh blood orange juice, 2 oz.
  • Honey syrup, 1 oz.
  • Mint leaves and blood orange wedges for garnish

Muddle mint leaves at the bottom of your glass and add bourbon, fresh blood orange juice, and honey syrup. Stir gently, and garnish with a wedge of blood orange.

4. Blood Orange Bubbly

A toast to the dawn, this cocktail is as effervescent as the first light of day.


  • Prosecco, 6 oz.
  • Fresh blood orange juice, 2 oz
  • Blood orange slices for garnish

Pour fresh blood orange juice into a champagne flute and top with prosecco. Garnish with a slice of blood orange and behold the morning's blush captured in a glass.

5. Blood Orange Sangria

A languid afternoon captured in a jug, this sangria is an ode to the slow rhythm of summer days.


  • Red wine, 1 bottle
  • Brandy, 1/2 cup
  • Fresh blood orange juice, 1 cup
  • Assorted fruits, 2 cups
  • Blood orange slices for garnish

Mix the red wine, brandy, and fresh blood orange juice in a pitcher. Add an assortment of your favorite fruits and let the mixture rest, allowing the flavors to merge. Pour into glasses and garnish with slices of blood orange.

6. Aplós & Blood Orange

In the evening's tender embrace, as the last rays of the sun dance upon the horizon, a cocktail waits to be crafted — the Aplós & Blood Orange. It is a drink that embodies the hush of twilight, a sensory sonnet that captures the essence of the setting sun.


  • Aplós Arise, 2 oz.
  • Soda water, 2 oz.
  • Blood orange juice, 2 oz.

Let the evening serenade you as you gather your ingredients. Fill a shaker with ice and pour in the Aplós Arise, an elixir of revelry and renewal. Add the blood orange juice, freshly squeezed with their crimson hue reminiscent of a sunset, and pour in the soda water.

Shake well, letting the rhythm of the ice cubes against the metal tell their tale. Pour into a glass and watch the crimson hue deepen, emulating the color of twilight, a vision as captivating as it is calming.

Garnish with a slice of blood orange, and watch as the world slows down, if just for a moment. Here, in this moment of unwind, the Aplós & Blood Orange is more than a cocktail — it is a companion.

7. Aplós Negroni

There is a certain allure to a long weekend, a stretch of endless hours that invite mirth and meandering thoughts. And what better accompaniment than the Aplós Negroni, a cocktail imbued with the magic of Arise and the warmth of the blood orange?


  • Aplós Arise, 2 oz.
  • Blood orange bitters, 3 oz.
  • Simple syrup, ¼ oz
  • Fresh orange slice

Begin by filling a glass with large ice cubes. Pour Aplós Arise, the blood orange bitters, and the simple syrup, stirring gently to blend these interstellar flavors. To finish, garnish with a slice of orange, a sun in your own cocktail galaxy.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails?

Every sip of a cocktail can be a moment of pure bliss, but why not transform it into a beacon of holistic well-being, too? A symphony of taste that transcends the ordinary. This is where Aplós steps into the spotlight, delivering an elevated, non-alcoholic cocktail experience bursting with benefits that echo beyond the last drop.

Non-alcoholic cocktails, like the ones crafted with Aplós Arise, preserve the spirit of the celebration, the ritual, and the social connection without the undesired effects of alcohol. They offer the complexity of flavor associated with a traditional cocktail while quietly nurturing your well-being.

At the heart of Aplós Arise lies an elixir of transcendence. A ballet of botanicals that evokes the heart of a moonlit forest, whispering secrets of earth and ether. It is imbued with an innovative blend of adaptogens — natural ingredients known for their ability to enhance physical and mental wellness.

It's all about achieving balance and equilibrium, creating an atmosphere of revelry without repercussion. Aplós Arise gives you the gift of a luxurious, elevated cocktail experience that simultaneously respects your wellness goals and enhances the moment before you, letting it unfurl into something magical.

Savor the Moment With a Fresh Squeeze of Splendor

Whether you're seeking to diversify your cocktail repertoire or delve into the world of non-alcoholic beverages, blood orange cocktails offer a sublime voyage of taste and discovery.

From the warm embrace of the Aplós & Blood Orange to the prolonged pleasure of the Aplós Negroni, these seven cocktails are celebrations of flavor, bringing together the exquisite allure of blood oranges and the unique sophistication of Aplós Arise.

Every sip of your blood orange bathed creation offers a dance of flavors, a feast for the senses, and an invitation to explore the delicate balance between wellness and indulgence.


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