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Aplós Launches New Spirit Infused with Adaptogens

Aplós, December 2nd, 2022

There are a wide range of health benefits to cutting down your alcohol consumption this season — from improved sleep quality to liver health to weight and mood regulation, but modifying your habits around drinking is easier said than done. For many, alcohol helps to ease stress at the end of the day. For others, a cocktail or a glass of wine is a way to lower their inhibitions and reduce their anxieties in social situations.

Fortunately, there are effective strategies to modify your relationship with alcohol without feeling like you’re missing out or empty handed.

Alternative spirits offer a long-term solution to replace that cocktail or glass(es) of wine in your social life, without giving up the ritual or the effect you crave at the end of the day. This December, we launched our newest offering, Arise, which is infused with adaptogens to create a spirit that stimulates and elevates without the negative effects of alcohol.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plant substances (often herbs) that have been found to help our bodies manage stress and maintain balance, or homeostasis. In other words, they help us adapt to external stressors. By strengthening our internal systems, adaptogens can promote vitality, stabilize mood, and improve performance and focus.

What is in Aplós Arise?

Our proprietary Arise functional blend contains Suntheanine, Guarana, Moringa, L-Choline, Bitatrate, Panax Ginseng, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B12. Here’s a breakdown of our ingredients:

  • Moringa Seed Extract, a superfood derived from the Drum Stick Tree (also known as the Tree of Life), has been used in Indian and African holistic medicine for years. It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and lipids, and has been shown to boost energy, decrease fatigue, and reduce inflammation.
  • Suntheanine, a more bio-available form of L-theanine, promotes mental agility and focus while increasing your GABA levels, which triggers the production and release of serotonin and dopamine.
  • Ginseng, an herbal extract that increases your serotonin levels (the “happy hormone”) to make you feel at ease and uplifted.
  • L-Choline Birartrate, a nootropic that helps decrease stress and anxiety while boosting mood.
  • Vitamin D is known as the “happy vitamin” and is commonly associated with sunshine, as it boosts serotonin production.
  • Vitamin B12 aids in boosting energy.
  • Guarana, a naturally derived herbal extract, provides slow releasing stimulants which prevents an energy spike and crash effect.

High-quality extracts have been carefully sourced to uplift and inspire an outgoing frame of mind. Notes of agave flower, lemon verbena, and black sarawak round out the invigorating herbal citrus profile.

“Created with award-winning mixologist Lynnette Marrero, it [Aplós Arise] includes adaptogens meant to provide a socially lubricating alternative to a cocktail buzz.”
– The Wall Street Journal

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