Learn / A Renewed Focus on Wellness with a Sober October

September 20th, 2022

A Renewed Focus on Wellness with a Sober October

As summer comes to a close, we find ourselves on the edge of a change in season — a time of renewal and reflection when we’re offered a moment to regroup and spend time setting intentions as we enter the last few months of the year.

While alcohol may play a central role in many summer activities, creating space to step away from it — for a sober October, for instance — can be helpful in re-centering our connection with our health and examining the relationship we’ve built between alcohol and our bodies. Alcohol can have a decidedly negative effect on overall health, including detrimental effects on sleep and the body’s immune system, which can become serious impediments to wellness. For many people, spending the month of October without drinking fosters the clarity needed to finish the year feeling our best.

But sobriety isn’t about deprivation. In place of alcohol, hemp-infused spirits are a helpful replacement and offer an approach to drinking that doesn’t lead to headaches and hangovers. Instead, hemp-based spirits allow the indulgence in the ritual of a cocktail, while experiencing the relaxing unwind we crave. Hemp-infused spirits are a helpful way to maintain sobriety, cultivate new habits around socializing that don’t include alcohol, and continue to enjoy the experience of sipping a cocktail in the company of good friends.