MAK Center Gala 2023

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MAK Center Gala

Aplós, October 20th, 2023

The LA-based MAK Center is a contemporary center for art and architecture headquartered in three architectural landmarks by the Austrian-American architect Rudolph M. Schindler.

Aplós Hour

Exploring our relationship with time, friends, and what we choose to drink.

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Virgo Rising, this year’s annual gala, celebrated the Center's year-round programming and longstanding commitment to building community through art and architecture. The benefit dinner coincided with R.M. Schindler’s birthday and featured a constellation of rising chefs.

Attendees sipped on A Few Good Things during an evening featuring a cocktail reception, an intimate dinner, surprises, and special guests, all taking place in the gardens of the Schindler House.

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A Few Good Things Cocktail

A Few Good Things

Bad habits make us feel better—at first. But they have a backlash of their own, and soon we can find ourselves each day more run down than the last. Relief can be found on a short trip to the vegetable patch, or its modern equivalent: the produce aisle. Seek out the stunted, the ugly, battered and the blemished fruits and vegetables. Like people, produce is all the more palatable when it’s not perfect.


Aplós Calme

  • Calme

2 oz.

Fresh lime juice

1 oz

Simple syrup

3/4 oz

Cucumber wheel

3 oz

Mint leaves