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Cocktail Commissions: A Recipe Book

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A remarkable cocktail series for unremarkable occasions. The first edition of our inaugural recipe book features an assortment of craft cocktail commissions evocative of the mood state experienced while drinking Aplós.

Pages: 238
Dimensions: 8.3 x 10.3 in.

*Book Bundle includes The Duo featuring a bottle of Aplós Calme and Arise

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The Return of the Impromptu Cocktail

No matter how whimsical or plain the occasion we can raise a glass. Indulge in ordinariness. It is good for us.

Magic in the Minutia

In partnership with photographers Sergiy Barchuk, Sophie Tajan, Louis Dewynter, and Daphne Lejeune, Cocktail Commissions is a visual exploration of cocktails inspired by mundane moments that deserve to be celebrated.

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