Introducing Aplós

A better way to unwind— functional, non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails that calm and uplift without the negative effects of alcohol.

The Aplós Collection

Experience our functional non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails, infused with natural botanicals like hemp and adaptogens for a soothing and uplifting sensation.

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Aplós spirits and cocktails are infused with functional ingredients and formulated to enhance the immediate pleasure of taste, and the slow pleasures of the mind that follow.

  • Functional Ingredients

    Infused with functional botanicals to help you unwind, connect and calm.

  • Premium Quality

    Crafted by award-winning mixologists using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

  • Low Sugar and No Hangover

    Aplós spirits and cocktails have no sugar added and each serving is 30 calories or less. Designed as an alcohol alternative without the calories and hangover, making it a healthy ritual that you can maintain.

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Our Philosophy

Aplós is a recalibration - a chance to slow down and experience what we might usually ignore: the simple things that ultimately add more substance to our lives.

Testimonials from our Community


  • Donna W.

    “Going sober has been so easy with Aplós! It’s exactly what I need at 6:00 pm. No crazy calories, good sleep, no hangovers or that anxiety from alcohol!”

  • Chris C.

    “This is a fantastic alternative to drinking alcohol. I’m able to relax, I sleep better, and I feel better the next day.”

  • LaDonna D.

    “The taste is superior to alcohol. I wake up feeling refreshed the next day.”

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Orange Peel

In the Press

“Aplós Calme serves up a sleek bubbly, citrus-led liquor alternative enhanced with sustainable, organically grown broad-spectrum hemp.”

Aplós Hour

How life is best served. A series exploring the rituals that help us unwind.

  • Aplós Hour with Dione Davis

    April '23

    Hosted by Dione Davis

  • Aplós Hour with Athena Hewett

    March '23

    Hosted by Athena Hewett

  • Aplós Hour at the Mak Center

    February '23

    Hosted by the Mak Center

  • Aplós Hour with Mia Moretti

    February '23

    Hosted by Mia Moretti

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